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We have 4 advertising possibilities: 1. On the website in the footer area, 2. On the website next to the magazine posts, 3. In our Business Directory and 4. You can advertise in the magazine itself.
Hooped (3)

Hooped is in fact our ‘ongoing contest’. You submit your picture (or more than one) and tell something about yourself and your embroidery adventures.

We ‘collect’ all these pictures and every now and then… we ‘hoop’ someone in our magazine. If you ‘get hooped’, you won’t be notified especially, but if you are a subscriber of our newsletter, you will automatically be informed when someone got hooped! It’s also a post in our magazine, so you won’t be able to miss it if you visit our site regularly.

When we select your picture, you win one of our sponsor’s prizes. The prizes vary from month to month. The prizes can also vary from free designs or memberships from certain sites or products to physical prizes like embroidery materials or even embroidery machines! It all depends on what our sponsors have to offer.

It’s really simple:

Just hop over to our hooped page and upload your picture(s). Please make sure you use your hoop in a creative way!

It doesn’t matter if you use your biggest hoop or your smallest hoop, but your hoop must be empty!

It doesn’t matter what the background of your picture is… it can be your embroidery machine, your garden or even your bathtub! Please be creative!

When submitting your picture, we ask you to write a little something about yourself and your ’embroidery adventures’.