Vinyl or faux leather key fobs ITH

  • Ever wanted to make those cute key fobs with your embroidery machine?

We designed a set of 100!

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Making ITH (In The Hoop) key fobs is really easy to do!

All you need is some vinyl or faux leather, stabilizer, thread, a good scissor, snaps for the closure, a key ring, spray glue and off course your embroidery machine. Our key fob designs are made for the 5×7″ hoop or 13x18cm. You will need two pieces of faux leather or vinyl to make one key fob.

We’ll walk you through all the steps. You can find the designs in the bronze, silver, gold or VIP sections of our forum until we release another great set of designs as a ‘become a member’ gift.

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See all designs that are included in this great set below:

Okay, let’s give the tutorial -aka- ‘how to’ for these great key fobs…

Hoop a firm tear-away stabilizer.

Step 1 needs to be embroidered on the stabilizer only.

Fabric over the stitches, right side of the fabric facing up.

Step 2 secures the fabric to the stabilizer.

Next step(s) will be the text(s) on the key fob.

After embroidering the text, remove the hoop from the machine and turn it over.

Sometimes a key fob has 4 steps in the design, sometimes 5 or 6 or even 7 steps. This depends on the texts on the key fob. Most important thing is to follow steps 1 and 2 of the tutorial, this is the same for all key fobs. Then, before doing the last step, remove the hoop from the machine, turn it to the back and add the back of the key fob. This has to be done just before the last step, with every design.

Spray glue the back part of the design and a little bit to the other piece of fabric (the back of it!) too.

Paste your piece of fabric for the back over the design. You can also use (painters) tape to keep it in place.

Re-attach the hoop to the machine. The last step will sew the back to the design.

Remove the hoop from the machine and remove all stabilizer.

Cut out with a small sharp scissors.

Attach the snaps.

Snaps attached.

Add the key ring and it’s finished!

Let your creativity go free! Create a key fob for all your friends and family members.

These key fobs are really nice bag-gadgets too!

Some more examples…

Do you sell materials to make these great key fobs?

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Our tester Beatrice made th

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